For When
Things Happen

Things happen. They really do.

They're not always great.

In doing our bit to get you sorted with Life Insurance cover, should the proverbial hit the fan, we’ll help you make sure that your family aren’t left with the stress of clearing it all up.

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What we do

Let's face it, life as a busy parent is less 'bucket' list and more 'to do' list.

The stuff you have to sort is never-ending, but one day, you'll run out of time to do any of it.

At Things Happen, we’re here with a less than gentle shove to remind you that, whilst thinking about what happens when you’re no longer around is a bit of a downer, planning for your family’s future really needn’t be a challenge.

We’ll get you covered with Life Insurance that’s tailored to you as a busy, stressed and likely very tired parent. You might not ever say it out loud, but we know you’ve thought about all this stuff. We know what you’re worried about, we know what you need, and we know how to get you covered.

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Why buy life insurance?

Why buy Life Insurance? Because, as our name suggests, things happen. And, when they do, you need to make sure that the possibly unenviable task of looking after your kids is all in hand. Financially, at least.

Life Insurance means that when the bucket has been kicked – with or without your list having even been attempted - your family will receive a lump sum of money to make sure that even though your time has been and gone, their life is still very much theirs for the living.

We can’t offer heart-stopping thrills, but we can offer great Life Insurance cover once the ride is over.

You’ll be sad you’re not around to enjoy it!

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FAQs - your questions.

How Much Cover Do I Need?
The amount of cover you should take out will depend on your situation, for example the size of your debt and outgoing expenses, as well the size of your family. When you talk to us we’ll undertake a thorough review of your situation and make recommendations to help you reach the right decision so you get the right cover for your needs.
Many of our customers choose policies where the premiums are fixed and that means your price will never change so you know exactly where you stand. However, we can tailor your plan exactly as your needs require and some of our clients prefer increasing cover. These types of premiums don’t suit everyone because you are given the option to increase your cover and monthly premium every year. We’ll explain our recommendations and discuss all the options to make sure that we get you the right policy and type of premium for your needs.
Existing medical conditions can have an impact on your price and which insurer we recommend. We deal with some of the UK’s largest insurance companies and will find the company who is best suited to your needs. It is important that you are honest, and you give us all the right information about your medical history so we can find you the best possible cover for your circumstances.
No examination is normally required but this is always dependent on your individual needs. If your medical history is complicated and you have health problems some insurers may want more information which can be obtained without the need of a medical. But don’t worry, our experienced advisors will discuss your options with you in the strictest confidence and your doctor can not be contacted by any insurer without your permission.
It is always good to review your policy, especially if your circumstances have changed. Our advisers will help you look at your current situation and make sure your policy still does what you need it to do. We may be able to find you a better deal and if you do decide to switch we can help you cancel your existing policy at the right time, so your cover doesn’t lapse and your loved ones remain protected.
Life insurance pay outs are exempt from income and capital gains tax, but are subject to inheritance tax. Our advisers will help you put the policy into trust which can help mitigate inheritance tax and make sure the money is given to the right people at the right time.
We can provide cover for people up to age 90 years of age. Although the cost of cover generally rises as you get older, we’ll find you the best deal we can.
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